Rage Fire Chasm for Beginners

After a session spent collecting 20 vials of Blood, the Tuesday night team set a goal of taking down the infamous Ragefire Chasm on our next session. This was to be the first instance for Haelo (Christian), Xantir (Jason), and Judelder (Damien), so there was some nervousness on everyone’s behalf - how do instances work, what are the team tactics, who does what , and what loot will we get!?

Luckily for the novices, Denmother (Cameron) stepped up to take the lead. Maintaining a fine balance between her Bear and Tauren forms, Den quickly established an effective and unstoppable momentum. After marking the sheep for Judelder, she drew, allowing Xantir to start wailing in soon after. Haelo sent in Splinter, her pet, whilst peppering the foe with precision bow action, and Dawnsinger (Chris) kept us all alive with calm aplomb. Jud, being slightly too high level, did a fine job of not drawing agro whilst using low level magic missile action to keep the enemy busy.

We progressed well through the dungeon, with nary a wrong turn, and it was looking good for a clear run until the penultimate encounter. We accidentally drew more than we knew how to adequately handle, leading momentarily to a bit of every person for themselves panic. Dens was forced to heal herself after Dawn was sorely distracted by being almost dead herself. But, miraculously and through some fine refocusing from Dens, the attack was repelled with no one going down.

After polishing off the rest of the Chasm dwellers, we emerged into the Cleft of Shadows with the entire team having made it through alive. Full credit to Denmother for a great lead, and to all for making it through unscathed, particularly those on their first run.


Attendees(level): Denmother(14), Dawnsinger(14), Haelo(13), Judelder(17), Xantir(15)
Leader: Denmother
Notes: Zero deaths!
Drops: Subterranean Cape, Chanting Blade


Blackheathen -

Great write up Christian. Site is awesome.

Look forward to hearing many more

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Armory Guild Page

Just added a link to the Armory Guild Page on the Dept of Information menu to the right (the character name links also take you to the Armory page for that character). The Armory is pretty xool - can check guild info, skills for each player, what everyone is equipped with. And it’s all XML, so they technically minded can extract data from it automatically. Nice work Blizzard.

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The Death Hunt

Though an individualist and lone wanderer, Beastheart is a friend to the Guild. As such he prepared to gather rare ingredients for the master crafters of Midnight’s Children. Setting out with supplies, pet food and three full bags of arrows, Beast journeyed to the Eastern Plaguelands to take up a commision with the Argent Dawn to hunt undead.

After nearly 6 hours hunting, he had fired 8863 arrows, killing 354 undead foes. These included Diseased Flayers(57-59), Death Singers (58-59), Dread Weavers (57-59) and the very tough Scourge Champions (59-60). After the Hunt was completed and the trophy tally counted, the results were found to be:

And the main goal of the Hunt:

Twill Vest, Twill Cover, Twill Pants x2, Twill Shoulders, Stout War Staff, Light Plate Boots, Bulky Maul, Smooth Leather Armour, Smooth Leather Belt, Light Plate Chestpiece

12 Dried King Bolete (mushrooms), 10 Morning Glory Dew

Nearly 24 gold in corpse loot.

A very successful Hunt.


Blackheathen -

Fantastic work Beast. The master of uber grindage.

Damien -

Can I ask how you know that you used 8863 arrows?

christian -

I think he said he knew how many he started with, and how many he finished with. I used ~1000 last night!

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Uldaman & Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner

Fugg has provided a couple of nice new screenshots:

Paxmortis, Fugg, Neitzsche and Blackheathen in Uldaman

Silentndead kneeling to the Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner

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Guild Charter

Chris’s brilliant Guild Charter is now linked for reference in the Dept. of Information.

As suggested in the booklet, if you have character goals that the guild can help with, post them in the comments to this blog entry…

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Camping Darkmoon Faire

Darkmoon Faire is in Mulgore, just South of Thunder Bluff (see map), from today until Jan 14th - time to make some serious cash for the Children. Each of the items below can be auctioneed for way more than the vendor cost. As per Pax’s suggestions, camp the vendors and try your best to acquire:



  • All but Talasite


Feel free to use Guild funds, and deposit the goods into the bank once acquired. Remember to check both vendors. Respawn rates for these items is about 15 minutes. You have to keep opening the window to see new spawns, can’t just leave it open and wait for them to appear.

Have fun…

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Brooding in Wailing Caverns

The Brood - Denmother, Dawnsinger, Haelo, Judelder & Xantir - ran their second instance last night, taking on the might of Wailing Caverns after a successful RFC run. Tales of raptors, slime, mighty druidic foe, and huge shambling horrors prepared us for the worst as we stood on the cusp of the descent - resplendent in the Guild Tabard.

Denmother led again, taking the party of 18th and 19th levels deep into the bowels of the Caverns. Drawing agro like a champion (except when Xantir’s Paladinic “bravery” meant he couldn’t help himself), and only taking a few wrong turns (thankfully Dawnsinger knew the route), it was another genius lead as once again we had zero deaths. Two in a row - one more and Denmother will be the recipient of the coveted (and as yet unawarded) Warmaster Triumph - “given to any guild member who leads three consecutive successful instance runs without wipes against foes of the correct level bracket”.

Not that there weren’t a few hiccups…Judelder had several near death experiences (and again saved everyone via carefully timed sheeping), and Haelo managed to run out of arrows 34 of the way in. A melee Hunter is not a pretty sight - at least her pet Splinter did an admirable job off-tanking. Dawnsinger again balanced keeping everyone alive, other than than when she was asleep and the time shefell down the ravine. Xantir was bestowed with the Snakeslayer epithet after taking down every (first level) snake he saw with a single fell swoop of his very mighty sword Sin’dorei Warblade.

We emerged older and wiser, and considerably richer:

For the Horde!


Blackheathen -

Another great report.That’s awesome you guys have had no deaths. I’ll not comment about our attempt at Zul’Farrack on Thursday other than to say I had my biggest ever repair bill lol.

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Guild Bank - Online!

I think this is new - from the official WoW Armory Guild page, you can now access the Guild Bank contents, and transaction log. wOOt - something to pass the time at work! Perma-linked in the Dept of Information now.

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Maraudon Marauders

Thursday night saw a quorum of Elder - Blackheathen, Fugg, Neitzsche and Paxmortis - venture into the festering earth of Maraudon, with special invitee Stroeb joining the party in Dierdron’s absense.

Maraudon drips with evil the moment you enter - shamblers, sludges, slimes and scion haunt it’s fetid caverns. It’s a dank and unpleasant place, though Neitzsche enjoyed himself collecting the Ghost Mushrooms that thrived down there.

We had the luxury of dual leaders, with Blackheathen and Fugg tanking their way through whilst controlling the targetting and pulls with military precision. Not a single add for the night meant we got through without wiping. There were a few deaths, but all due to careless play on behalf of the followers rather than mistakes with the lead. Hence both Blackie and Fugg have put themselves on the path to Warmastery.

One of the more troublesome creatures we encountered was the Creeping Sludge, a slow moving ball of green slime that has a devastating close range Poison Shock effect. The tanks and Stroeb kept their distance for this one, peppering away with ranged weaponry, whilst Pax did a beautiful job kiting the sludge around until it fell. We got the feeling Pax would have been happy doing this all night, but there were quests to complete!

All fell before our blades of fury, the tanks drawing all the attention which allowed Stroeb to backstab with abandon and Pax to bring down the heavens above. But of course it’s all about the healing, and Neit shined by never letting anyone drop.

And, of course, there was the loot - there was so much to pick up that we had a few cases of Bag Rage (a genius expression coined by Denmother). Though we missed a few of the better drops, we did well enough:

After several hours of delving, we reached the half way point by redeeming Celebras the Cursed. We left the minions of Maraudon to rue the day the Children of Midnight entered their realm, and fearing the day we return to finish the job.


Blackheathen -

Another great write up Christian, keep them coming.

Just one thing to add though, whilst Fugg is more than capable of tanking during times of need he is currently specced for max DPS and with his two handed hammer of uber pwnage usually tops the damage meters.

And on another note, after much soul (bound?) searching, Blacky decided that since Hakoo’s gloves weren’t an upgrade to my tanking set and would only be a minor upgrade to my DPS gear I mailed them to off Fugg.

Blackheathen -

lol bag rage was definitely an issue, luckily Stroeb was on hand to help poor old Blacky carry a few things out.

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