The Brood - Denmother, Dawnsinger, Haelo, Judelder & Xantir - ran their second instance last night, taking on the might of Wailing Caverns after a successful RFC run. Tales of raptors, slime, mighty druidic foe, and huge shambling horrors prepared us for the worst as we stood on the cusp of the descent - resplendent in the Guild Tabard.

Denmother led again, taking the party of 18th and 19th levels deep into the bowels of the Caverns. Drawing agro like a champion (except when Xantir’s Paladinic “bravery” meant he couldn’t help himself), and only taking a few wrong turns (thankfully Dawnsinger knew the route), it was another genius lead as once again we had zero deaths. Two in a row - one more and Denmother will be the recipient of the coveted (and as yet unawarded) Warmaster Triumph - “given to any guild member who leads three consecutive successful instance runs without wipes against foes of the correct level bracket”.

Not that there weren’t a few hiccups…Judelder had several near death experiences (and again saved everyone via carefully timed sheeping), and Haelo managed to run out of arrows 34 of the way in. A melee Hunter is not a pretty sight - at least her pet Splinter did an admirable job off-tanking. Dawnsinger again balanced keeping everyone alive, other than than when she was asleep and the time shefell down the ravine. Xantir was bestowed with the Snakeslayer epithet after taking down every (first level) snake he saw with a single fell swoop of his very mighty sword Sin’dorei Warblade.

We emerged older and wiser, and considerably richer:

For the Horde!


Blackheathen -

Another great report.That’s awesome you guys have had no deaths. I’ll not comment about our attempt at Zul’Farrack on Thursday other than to say I had my biggest ever repair bill lol.