Though an individualist and lone wanderer, Beastheart is a friend to the Guild. As such he prepared to gather rare ingredients for the master crafters of Midnight’s Children. Setting out with supplies, pet food and three full bags of arrows, Beast journeyed to the Eastern Plaguelands to take up a commision with the Argent Dawn to hunt undead.

After nearly 6 hours hunting, he had fired 8863 arrows, killing 354 undead foes. These included Diseased Flayers(57-59), Death Singers (58-59), Dread Weavers (57-59) and the very tough Scourge Champions (59-60). After the Hunt was completed and the trophy tally counted, the results were found to be:

And the main goal of the Hunt:

Twill Vest, Twill Cover, Twill Pants x2, Twill Shoulders, Stout War Staff, Light Plate Boots, Bulky Maul, Smooth Leather Armour, Smooth Leather Belt, Light Plate Chestpiece

12 Dried King Bolete (mushrooms), 10 Morning Glory Dew

Nearly 24 gold in corpse loot.

A very successful Hunt.


Blackheathen -

Fantastic work Beast. The master of uber grindage.

Damien -

Can I ask how you know that you used 8863 arrows?

christian -

I think he said he knew how many he started with, and how many he finished with. I used ~1000 last night!