The Brood have kind of settled on a mission - doing every Instance in the game. This meant that last night we were obliged to travel into Alliance territory in the Human zone of Westfall, on a mission into The Deadmines.

The Brood ready themselves for the assault on the Alliance camp at Moonbrook

The first trick was getting into the mines. We battled our way through low level miners, before our first encounter with Alliance scum. A dwarven hunter and his companions, mining for copper, happened upon us - and managed to pretty much slaughter the party. With the exception of…Dawnsinger! Showing incredible survival skills, our Healer stayed up - deserves an award!

A few ganks later, we all managed to get inside the mine proper. What followed was pretty much ritual slaughter - Denmother grabbed packs of human miners and goblins, drew them back to the killing zone, where Judelder unleased AoE-a-rama, Xantir displayed his silken battle skills, Dawn healed and healed and healed, and Stroeb (with new pet, Clash) fumbled around all night trying to remember her new keyboard setup. Ahem.

Denmother eats humans

We were overspecced, so the dungeon didn’t pose much trouble. The bosses need a little care, but they too fell with barely a whimper. Mr. Smite was noticible for the enormous dual reavers he wielded. Not that they helped…

The soon to be ex-Mr. Smite

Before the day was out we had snatched Rhahk’Zor’s Hammer, Taskmaster Axe, some nice Smelting Pants and a suit of Blackened Defias Armour for Dens, a Thief’s Blade, the Emberstone Staff, and last but not least, Cookie’s Stirring Staff. Though how anyone could wield a Murloc staff…/shudder.

Ugh, Murloc

So the first Midnight’s Children raid on Alliance territory was a success. Because we were over level, Dens is not eligible for the Warmaster award this time. But if we get through our next challenge, Blackfathom Deeps, unscathed - the she’s more than earned it!

Here There Be Humans