Having spent no small amount of time learning the zen of fishing, today I decided it was finally time to meet the great man himself: Nat Pagle. Creator of the legendary Nat Pagle Extreme Angler FC-5000 “Limited Edition”, this was the man who took the sport of fishing and turned it into an art.

My journey took me first to the murky swamps of Dustwallow Marsh, and thence to a small isle off the West coast of Theramore. As I swam toward Mr Pagle’s island home, my nerves were clattering at the thought of meeting the Great Man. Before approaching him, I changed into my best gear, kindly supplied by Fugg for this very event.

Will you marry me?

He was everything you could hope for in a Human. Which is not a lot, I suppose, but just look at that casting action. That gruff visage. Those shoulders. We chatted, and he illuminated more than one fishing secret in our time together. None more salient than: “I reckon you just need to be determined - determined enough to sit on your duff for hours at a time, doin’ nothin’.” Of course. Of course!

He set me a mission - to catch the fabled Feralis Ahi, a Sar’theris Striker, the Savage Coast Blue Sailfin, and the elusive Misty Reed Mahi Mahi. With his words of wisdom in mind, I travelled far and wide to find these mystical fish.

As I fished each location, I pondered. The Feralas Ahi too me 8 minutes, and more than 17 fish to land. Instead of calm, I started to feel confused - and when I moved onto the Striker, it was over 11 minutes and 34 fish - double the fish! But on the flight to Grom’gol for the Sailfin, something opened in my mind. It was like a door to a new philosophy of fishing. 5 minutes and 12 fish later, I had it. I finally saw the Pagle Path. The final fish, the rare Mahi Mahi, was landed with a single cast. A single flick of a now unstoppable wrist.

I returned, in my Tuxedo this time, to Nat - he insisted on first names now that I had reached enlightenment - and provided him his fish. It was a great moment to see the glint in his eye as he recognised a fellow Artisan.

Mr. Pagle’s Reward

He left me with words that will long stay with me, and which ring true in the heart of all Those Who Fish: Ain’t it amazin’ what you run into in an ordinary day of fishin’?

FtH! Stroeb


Blackheathen -

Absolutely brilliant stroeb, makes me want to go back to Dustwallow and pay the great man a visit, just for old times sake.

Note, took me well over 40 fish to get the Ahi, others weren’t too bad though.