For those wondering if the grind to 60 is worth it…Stroeb last night made her first trip to Outland - or as Neitzsche so brilliantly termed it, Xooland.

No turning back

The other side

It’s pretty incredible through the gateway. All sorts of enormous demons and huge raging battles. And these guys too:

Blackie, Neit & Stroeb…run away!

Fel Slayers

Makes grinding bats in the Plaguelands look…old fashioned. And in our first run around, Stroeb upgraded her swords to Foe Reaver (quest reward) and Telaari Longblade of the Bandit (a BoE loot drop!). Greens that were way better than her Blues. So yep, it’s worth it - and you really ‘only’ need to be 58!