After a session spent collecting 20 vials of Blood, the Tuesday night team set a goal of taking down the infamous Ragefire Chasm on our next session. This was to be the first instance for Haelo (Christian), Xantir (Jason), and Judelder (Damien), so there was some nervousness on everyone’s behalf - how do instances work, what are the team tactics, who does what , and what loot will we get!?

Luckily for the novices, Denmother (Cameron) stepped up to take the lead. Maintaining a fine balance between her Bear and Tauren forms, Den quickly established an effective and unstoppable momentum. After marking the sheep for Judelder, she drew, allowing Xantir to start wailing in soon after. Haelo sent in Splinter, her pet, whilst peppering the foe with precision bow action, and Dawnsinger (Chris) kept us all alive with calm aplomb. Jud, being slightly too high level, did a fine job of not drawing agro whilst using low level magic missile action to keep the enemy busy.

We progressed well through the dungeon, with nary a wrong turn, and it was looking good for a clear run until the penultimate encounter. We accidentally drew more than we knew how to adequately handle, leading momentarily to a bit of every person for themselves panic. Dens was forced to heal herself after Dawn was sorely distracted by being almost dead herself. But, miraculously and through some fine refocusing from Dens, the attack was repelled with no one going down.

After polishing off the rest of the Chasm dwellers, we emerged into the Cleft of Shadows with the entire team having made it through alive. Full credit to Denmother for a great lead, and to all for making it through unscathed, particularly those on their first run.


Attendees(level): Denmother(14), Dawnsinger(14), Haelo(13), Judelder(17), Xantir(15)
Leader: Denmother
Notes: Zero deaths!
Drops: Subterranean Cape, Chanting Blade


Blackheathen -

Great write up Christian. Site is awesome.

Look forward to hearing many more