A city full of Sandfury Trolls is no picnic, but some of the Elder decided to brave Zul’Farrak’s windswept sands a few nights back in a quick run through. Neitzsche, Blackheathen, Fugg and Stroeb geared up and galloped forth - though as we discovered, not all were geared quite right. Blackie seemed to be doing a lot of damage, but stayed alive less than he normally would. Turns out he spent the whole time in his DPS gear - FTL!

Neit introduced a newish tactic, using some kind of Jedi Mind Control to turn the enemy on themselves. We still need a little work on handling the mob once they wake up to themselves, but it’s fun to watch as they wail into each other. And it goes without saying that Neit kept us all alive again.

There was something in the air that meant we pulled a lot of adds all night, but the group still managed to not wipe, though it got pretty close. The highlight was the epic fight against Ghaz’rilla, the three headed hydra monstrosity from the deep. Ghaz has an entertaining habit of tossing his foes in the air like playthings, and there were several times where we were all floating helplessly in middair whilst he mocked our efforts.

The fight seemed to go on for a long time, Blacky desparately trying to keep it’s attention whilst Fugg unleased his Fury hammer blows. But this guy was tough - the combination of his attacks and the falling damage meant that both Fugg and Blackheathen went down. With only Stroeb and Neitzche left things were looking grim - but summoning all our strength and knowing we were watched by the spirits of our fallen Warrior bretheren, we harnessed the power of Midnight and together managed to finally bring down the beast.

Exhausted after the fight, we retreated to tend our wounds and started telling this tall tale to all who would listen…