The Elder, in Blackheathen’s words, had a “pretty sweet” run through Sunken Temple Thursday night.

The Elder buff up for ST

It was indeed sweet, with crown control the theme for the night - Neit unveiled a sweet shackle undead spell, Pax sheeped beasts, and Stroeb sapped the living daylights out of the humanoids. Stroeb also slipped in some pickpocketing pre-sap for a nice little earner on the night. All the CC made the job for our tanks nice and focussed, we almost felt sorry for the fate awaiting the uncontrolled targets.

Worse than Troll Sweat

We also had DPS out the wazoo with Pax’s AoE raining down, Stroebs dual flurry of swords, and Fugg’s frankly terrifying work with his Light Skyforged Axe. Like the Brood the night before, we were slightly overspecced for the instance, so no Warmastery on offer this time, but it was a flawless run through none the less.

Zolo’s destiny approaches

Well, almost flawless. Over to Blackheathen again: “Shame that some clown released their inner Warlock and managed to pull about 20 mobs at once resulting in the untimely (and only) death of our glass cannon, the great Paxmortis.” That clown of course being Blackie himself, FtL! But, after Pax’s efforts in Maraudon, Blackie was right in claiming that he’d been “studying at the Paxmortis school of dino pulling, seems it works on Dragonkin as well”.

But that was only one hiccup, and the only death for the night. Blackie more than redeemed himself with a legendary pull, somehow managing to separate the mighty dragon Weaver from his twin Dreamscythe, meaning we only had to deal with them one at a time.

The remains of Weaver

Fugg again proved himself the instance genius, ensuring we did everything in the right order, and making sure we all completed the not always obvious quest goals. And he also was annointed Dragonslayer, hammering the death blow on three of our four Dragon bosses FtW!

Loot aplenty, of course, though most went to Pax’s DE chest:

By night’s end, Fugg and Blackheathen were knocking on the door of 60 - and by the time you read this, they’ll have reached it. Outland awaits!